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Mailspeed Marine

Sonja Relph (Marketing Manager)

“ By using multiple 0845 numbers through Network Contact Solutions, we are able to monitor both our call traffic and advertising effectively. Starting with 10 numbers, we realised that the suggestion to use the numbers for both national presence and as advertising tracking tools, we were able to effectively campaign by realising both our potential and actual markets.

The online stats allow us to simply download any information we need. We also feel that using 0845 numbers that cost us nothing to receive calls means that unlike some telecoms providers, Network Contact Solutions allowed us to save money.

We now use 20 x 0845 numbers and are very happy with the service we have received. ”

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Sydney Smith School

Derek Coe (Head teacher)

“ Since using the Virtual Call Centre solution from Network Contact Solutions, we have been able to take a large percentage of unwanted and unnecessary calls away from our staff. With the ability to record all of our incoming and outgoing calls (if necessary) we have noticed a dramatic drop in the amount of emotional calls the school receives. Parents can now report their child’s absence with just one phone call, as the system can answer simultaneous calls, so no-one ever hears the engaged tone.

The ability for us to see the callers’ number in real-time, means that we are now in complete control of our communication network. We also have the ability to text parents with regards to lateness, absence or events taking place in and around the school. We can also quickly and easily add messages that alert parents to any issues in the school, which in the past would have been impossible.

We will be using the system for our extended school facilities as both the functionality of the network and the number itself are of a high standard. ”

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Oakley Travel &

Colin Oakley (Managing Director)

“ The system we use through Network Contact Solutions has changed the way we can operate as a travel company. In a highly competitive marketplace such as travel, using a state-of-the-art communications system has meant that we are now ready for any developments that may occur in the future. We have also saved thousands of pounds a year by using the system, tied in with the fact that we now have complete and transparent control over the entire system if we want it. Home workers can log in and out via telephone or online; we can see detailed breakdowns of every individual call and are able to manipulate the system, if necessary, to be more effective in certain areas and certain times of the day.

Further to this, if anyone calls us out of hours, we can call them back as we have the full phone number of everyone who calls any of our 90 plus numbers in the real-time call log. The combination of real-time call logs and billing platform allows us to budget our 0800 traffic, whilst at the same time showing us how much our 0870/0871 numbers are generating to compensate the 0800 charges.

In the past we considered the call stats given to us to be the best we you could have on inbound calls, but after switching over to Network Contact Solutions we have been very impressed. Being able to see exactly what is happening at any given point in time is a highly valued bonus to any travel company. ”

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